Adapted to my own visually idiosyncratic logic, my playfully frustrated abstract paintings draw inspiration from perceptual incongruities and spatial phenomena. Using industrial and traditional painting materials, I negotiate my way through the conflict of volatile textures and seductive color fields with flirtatious violence and good-natured irreverence. Often, I am translating routine occurrences, such as the lengthening of shadows or changes in the weather into alternative dimensional states using the language of abstraction. The paintings have a rich history of layering, as I typically rework pieces over long periods of time. This process allows me to combine chunky, built-up surfaces with swaths of flat luminous color, and translucent layers that reveal glimpses of a painting’s past. The resulting images are knowingly at odds with themselves; each piece communicating a choreographed argument between unsightliness and allure, chaos and control.

Copyright 2017

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